TECAR in Bologna

TECAR Therapy is an innovative medical technology used to treat muscle, joint, and bone injuries. In this article, we will explore the benefits of TECAR Therapy and how it works.


How does TECAR Therapy function?

TECAR Therapy uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate heat in the deep tissues of the body. Heat increases blood circulation, oxygenation, and tissue metabolism, thus accelerating the healing process.

The electromagnetic fields generated by TECAR Therapy penetrate deep into the body and stimulate the production of collagen, a key element in the healing of muscle and bone tissue.


Benefits of TECAR Therapy

TECAR Therapy is a noninvasive and safe treatment that can help reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint mobility, and promote tissue healing.


Some of the main benefits of TECAR Therapy include:

  • Pain reduction: TECAT Therapy can help reduce muscle, joint, and bone pain by improving blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
  • Improved joint mobility: TECAR Therapy can help improve joint flexibility and mobility by reducing muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Acceleration of healing: TECAR Therapy can accelerate the healing process of muscle and bone tissues by stimulating collagen production and improving blood circulation.
  • Improved muscle function: TECAR Therapy can help improve muscle strength and balance by promoting muscle contraction and relaxation.


How is TECAR Therapy carried out?

TECAR Therapy is carried out by a trained physical therapist using a radiofrequency device that is applied to the affected area. During treatment, the device emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves that penetrate the deep tissues of the body, generating heat.

The duration of treatment may vary depending on the severity of the problem and the area affected. Typically, a treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.


Is TECAR Therapy safe?

TECAR Therapy is a safe, noninvasive treatment that can be used to treat a wide range of muscle, joint, and bone injuries. However, it is important to note that TECAR Therapy is not suitable for all patients and should only be performed by an experienced physical therapist.



TECAR Therapy is an innovative medical technology that can help reduce pain and inflammation, improve joint mobility, and accelerate the healing process of muscle and bone tissue.



Advanced physical therapy with INDIBA TECAR tHERAPY Activ CT9 at the Viveresano physical therapy center in Bologna, Italy

TECAR therapy with INDIBA CT9 Activ device converts electric current into a fixed stable frequency

of 448 kHz, increasing ion exchange at the cellular level, which promotes tissue repair and helps in the

pain management. The return plate closes the electrical circuit, which makes our treatments safe and

effective for patients and physicians.

The integration of two operating modes, CAP and RES (i.e., capacitive and resistive), and the output power, low and

high, makes it possible to achieve subthermal and thermal effects. This allows acute and chronic injuries to be treated in

all stages.

INDIBA’s clinically proven frequency of 448 kHz offers many treatment benefits that can

be combined with manual therapy and other therapeutic techniques. This combination, together with the clinic

knowledge, helps create unprecedented results, as:

• Provides an analgesic effect

• Increases the volume and intensity of deep blood flow within the body

• Increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients

• Increases tissue temperature

• Increases metabolism

• Calms inflammation

• Normalizes cell function by restoring cell membrane potential

• Stimulates stem cell proliferation

• Restores ionic balance

and much more.

The innovative manual treatment system INDIBA Fascia is the technological revolution of the company that invented TECAR therapy.

INDIBA Fascia is a manual treatment system that harnesses the full power of the new INDIBA Activ CT9

to provide highly effective therapy for a wide range of muscle and joint problems. This technology

unique stimulates cell regeneration, increases blood and lymph circulation, and promotes the recovery of the

tissues, reducing pain and inflammation.

In particular, INDIBA Fascia is ideal for the treatment of muscle and joint problems related to fascia, including

plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tendonitis, and many others. This manual treatment system

is highly customizable to meet the individual needs of each patient and provide

a highly effective treatment.